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Estate Planning

Estate Planning at a Glance:

Estate planning is the process of arranging ownership and use of assets to help meet lifetime financial objectives in a tax efficient manner, and simultaneously help provide for survivors' needs and the disposition of property at death.

A carefully implemented Estate Plan may help with the following:

 Create and conserve assets during life

 Minimize death taxes and estate settlement costs

 Assure that cash is available to pay unavoidable taxes and costs

 Provide a distribution of assets that meets the estate owner's objectives & intentions

 Provide peace of mind and family harmony

The Estate Planning covers a host of topics:

 Wills and intestacy

 Forms of property ownership

 Federal gift tax

 Federal estate tax

 Estate valuation

 Marital deduction

 Qualified terminable interest property (QTIP)

 Section 6166

 Generation-skipping transfer tax (GSTT)

 Irrevocable life insurance trust

 Dynasty trust

 Spousal limited access trust

 Intentionally defective grantor trust

 Revocable living trust

 Bypass trust

 QPRTs, GRATs, and GRUTs

 Family limited partnerships (FLPs)

 Section 2503(c) trust


 Qualified domestic trust

 Advance medical directives

 Durable power of attorney


 Income in respect of a decedent


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